“Your Realtor For Life”- A Jail Sentence?!

04 Dec 2013, Posted by Drew Russell in Real Estate Agency

I receive a lot of mailings to my home address from other real estate agents. One recently came to my mailbox with the title- “Your Realtor for Life.”  That seems like a bit of a brash tagline to me- especially since I happen to be a real estate broker and also because I do not personally know the agent that sent me this mailing. Further, I highly doubt that this agent knows everyone that this mailing was sent or has done any business with them.

In my office we realize one thing- that is- we have to earn it everyday. Each day, we have to show up, be excellent, and be ever-better than the competition. We certainly hope that our clients will use us for life, but we understand that one transaction does not make a lifetime bond. We strive to stay in touch and also to be so exemplary in our service, integrity and professional proficiency that our clients want to come back to us- not feel like they are stuck with us out of obligation.

I certainly hope that the agent who sent me this postcard does well, but I would recommend some tweaks to their marketing strategy!

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